Project ABLE (A Better Life Experience)

consumer2The mission was to create a day program that everyone would want to attend. With 7 Project ABLE programs, we meet that goal.

Project ABLE is a day support designed to provide each individual with activities and training that will maintain and/or develop skills that assist in learning and understanding so that the individual can become an active and productive member of the community. SCS offers three Project ABLE sites in Berks County. Project ABLE is open to individuals with developmental disabilities.

Project ABLE offers individuals one-on-one outings with staff and assists individuals in finding volunteer employment in the community including cleaning books at the library, cleaning stables at the therapeutic riding center and delivering food with the local Meals on Wheels program. These activities empower the individual in learning how to participate in the community. Learning to do things independently or helping others, identifying dreams and goals and speaking out as advocates are building blocks in A Better Life Experience for all.

Our Philosophy

“Caring is our Specialty – Let it Show.” This is not just a motto on a bulletin board, we believe that our job is to assist our consumers in their Quest for an Everyday Life. We do this by:

  • Building self-esteem – a well placed word of praise and a photo board to document activities.
  • One-on-one outings – trips to restaurants as well as shopping for greeting cards to send to friends and family.
  • Making plans – talking about what we want and our goals for the future make them more likely to become a reality.
  • Assisting the individual in finding voluntary employment.
  • Celebrating the individual – Everyone’s achievements and gifts and celebrated by all.
  • Providing an attractive, clean environment.
  • Hiring and retaining well-trained, dedicated staff.
  • Establishing and maintaining friendly working relationships with other agencies and programs.